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The Leader in  Synagogue Management Software

ShulCloud enhances your members' experience with the congregation through tools that allow you to communicate, transact, schedule, and more, seamlessly.

And, COMING SOON, ShulStats enhanced reporting module. 

ShulCloud™ is an Easy-to-Use, Integrated Solution

Website Management

Everything you need to create and manage a simple and elegant online presence.

Scheduling & Events

Effectively plan and manage your synagogue's schedule and upcoming events.

Member Management

Engage and manage your members with a database, login, directory, and more.

Communication Tools

Streamline communication with your members with email, SMS, and reminders. 

Financial Management

Comprehensive financial tools for invoicing, billing, payments, and donations. 


Built for synagogues, and the unique responsibilities of synagogue teams.

Data & Security

Ensure the secure storage and accessibility of your data, and integrate with other systems.

Mobile Apps

Stay connected and manage your synagogue on-the-go with the iPhone and Android apps.

More Information.

Less Effort.

ShulCloud's cloud-based solution is designed for synagogues of all sizes and is a full-featured CRM.

ShulCloud's cloud-based solution

ShulCloud Subscription Packages


Standard $139.99 /month

Premium $289.99 /month

Enterprise $429.99 /month

Batch Billing

Synagogue Batch Billing

Many of a synagogues invoices are done in batches, such as membership, dues, various appeals and dinners.

ShulCloud built easy to use web-bases batch billing software to quickly generate invoices for members based on membership database information.

Want to create a membership invoice for $750 for all full members? No problem.  Want to quickly enter in all the members who pledged $180 for the Shavous appeal? Sure! Want to quickly enter pledges for kibbudim? Not a problem.

ShulCloud gives you the tools to quickly batch invoice your membership with ease, while also providing the customizations required to give specific members discounts and overrides.

Cemetery Management

Synagogue Cemetery Management Software

Cemetery Management is unfortunately one of the features ShulCloud has to offer our Jewish congregations.  Many Synagogues manage one or more cemetery locations for their communities and members, thus keeping track of who owns which plots, if those plots are paid and occupied, is a crucial part of the day-to-day operations of the synagogue’s staff. 

ShulCloud’s Cemetery Management tools aim to make this process efficient and streamlined in order to focus more on the bereaving member and family, versus worrying about where to find a plot, how the member will pay for it and other logistical concerns over burials. 

Schedule a demo to see how our Cemetery Management tools can help your shul and community.

Membership Database

Synagogue Membership Database

ShulCloud is a complete and comprehensive Synagogue software application that resides on the web, in "the cloud." That means your whole membership database is stored securely on cloud servers, accessible via any web browser with internet access.

You no longer need to run software on your computer.  You no longer need to give members remote access to the software.  This software and your membership database is accessible from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.

The membership database is designed specifically for a synagogue and their members. It supports basic profiles including member name, address, tribe, alyiah eligibility, family members (children, grandchildren, parents, etc), birthdays, yarzeits, schools and much much more.

Stop worrying if your data is secure and backed up - let us do the worrying for you!

Want a custom design? Not a problem! We can work closely with your shul's web committee to design a custom and branded web site using the ShulCloud platform exclusively for you.

Congregant Relationship Manger (CRM)

Synagogue & Shul CRM Software

ShulCloud was built from the ground up by our team to be designed to have a single database, which controls all of the features of the site.

This single database makes it the most perfect synagogue CRM software.  

You can track members and contacts, their personal information, important dates, such as yartzeits, birthdays, anniversaries and more.  Each account can hold several members, all with their important member data. 

You can even "tag" members with unique attributes for creating specialized mailings, bills, calendar events, private web pages and so much more.

There is no web based software out there that has built their synagogue CRM application from the ground up.  We did, because we know how unique a shul's needs are.

ShulCloud's CRM and software was built from the ground up, looking at how a synagogue operates.  It is the most unique and specialized web synagogue software on the market.

Synagogue Calendar

Jewish Calendar Holiday & Shabbos Widget

All web sites powered by ShulCloud come with a basic Jewish calendar widget.  The widget is displayed at the top right (depending on the template) portion of the web site and display important and upcoming Jewish calendar items.

The widget includes events such as the:

  • Upcoming Shabbos Parasha
  • Upcoming Yom Tovim
  • Upcoming Fast Days
  • Upcoming Jewish Holidays
  • Candle Lighting Times For Upcoming Shabbos/Yom Tov
  • Havdalah Times for Upcoming Shabbos/Yom Tov
  • Today's Calendar Events & Schedules*

Having a calendar widget throughout the pages of the site, give your congregation a quick and easy way to get important, relevant and useful information on any of the pages of your web site.

Custom Online Forms

Synagogue Forms Manager

One of the reasons you want your web site for your shul is to receive feedback and leads for and from your congregation.

The ShulCloud CMS enables you to add an unlimited number of online forms to any of your pages. 

Want prospective members to contact you for more information? Want existing members to email you with special requests?  Want members to quickly & securely submit a question to the Rabbi?  

You can use the online forms manager to build dynamic forms for many use cases.

Donation Management

Online Donations Software For Synagogues

ShulCloud enables shuls to quickly, easily, and securely accept online donations from members and friends of the synagogue.

The payments automatically are stored and documented in the billing software and are associated with members, if the member is in the shul database.

This is proven to increase synagogue revenue and receivables. 

Email Marketing and Mail Merge System

Synagogue Email Software

Keep your congregation and membership up to date with email management software.  

This custom built email management software fully integrates with the membership database, billing software and schedule system.  

You can send emails to your community notifying them of simchas and condolences, updates on upcoming schedules, urgent eruv announcements, and notifications that they owe the shul money.

The email system is flexible enough to email members based on many criteria, such as member type, ages, gender, billing status, and other demographic information.

Plus, since it was built with the overall system - all the data flows into the emails automatically, creating no need to manually enter or copy and paste text.

Finally, the emails are sent through the cloud servers, thus you do not need to pay for an extra email management package.

Event and Room Management

Shul Event Management Calendar

Have a bar mitzvah coming up?  Special shiur given by a prominent speaker or Rabbi? Want to announce the annual shul dinner?  Add it to the calendar system and let your members see it on the calendar. 

With the click of a button, you can add all sort of events to the calendar.

Event management also allows you to schedule single events that are time based, all day events or events that run over a set number of series.  Each event can have a special web landing page with more information.   You can limit who sees the event and decide if you want the event promoted on the home page.

Your members or community can register for the event, RSVP, and even pay for it.   You can limit the number of participants, close out registration dates and much more.

Event payment allows for early bird pricing, children prices and special pricing tiers.  Best of all, it is completely integrated with the billing system, accounting features, email system, membership database and the calendar software.

Event managers can view RSVP, attendance and money raised for each event.

For more information on the event tools, please contact us for a demo.

Fundraising Module


Synagogue Fundraising Software

Our exclusive fundraising module is 100% integrated into your ShulCloud account.  This fundraising software is designed to operate the way most synagogues handle their fundraising efforts. From capital campaigns to raising money for the local school or families, try this fundraising module out.
Features include:
  • Birds Eye View of the goal and donor
  • Assign solicitors to each Donor
  • Solicitors can do their own tasks, no extra work for office
  • Record custom fields on Donors.
  • Send Invoices, thank you letters etc.
  • Track as pledges convert to payments.
  • Online Payments go straight into fundraising system as part of the goal.
  • Notes/CMS Widget for public fundraising pages.
  • Special Account type for Donors only, they can only receive mail through Fundraising mail type.
  • Track upcoming meetings
  • After each meeting, record notes
Contact ShulCloud for details and discuss pricing options.

High Holidays Toolkit

Seat Billing & Assignment For Shuls

Many synagogues sell or assign seats to members for either the High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur) or for all year round.
ShulCloud offers a streamlined solution to manage the seat assignments for your members for all purposes and locations within your shul.  You can assign seats for the year, for yom tovim or for any event.  You can also break them down by location in your synagogue.
In addition, you can bill different levels of pricing based on the seat location, member type, non members  and much more.
Let ShulCloud simplify your synagogue's seating operations with our integrated seat management tool and billing software.

Synagogue Website

Shul Web Site Design For Synagogues

ShulCloud provides an easy to use, elegant and friendly web site package designed for your synagogue. 

You have several templates and designs to choose from and can add an unlimited amount of content, pages, pictures and forms to your web site.

The synagogue software makes it painless to create your shul's web site in a matter of minutes.  All you need to do is add the content and let the software build your shul's site for you.

Want a custom design? Not a problem! We can work closely with your shul's web committee to design a custom and branded web site using the ShulCloud platform exclusively for you.

Invoicing and Pledging Management

Simplify Shul Collections

Trouble collecting money from congregates? Let ShulCloud help.

Not only does ShulCloud help you better organize your invoicing but helps you increase your collections.

Through the use of the mass email system, you can quickly and effortlessly notify members who are late on payments.

The emails contain secure links to log the member into the payment system to give them a quick way to pay online.

Members can also see all past due invoices and pay them online.

Making it easier to give members information on how much they owe and a method of paying it immediately has lead to increase collections and revenues for synagogues. Plus, emailing them often about outstanding balances has never been so easy.

Lifecycle Management with Notices

Yahrzeit Management Software

ShulCloud offers comprehensive Yahrzeit management tools to help you and your members remember the passing of family members.

The yahrzeit data can be managed by both the members themselves and your shul's staff and volunteers. The relationship of the deceased is structured so that if multiple members in your congregation observe the same yahrzeit, the software knows. For example, if there are two brothers in the shul who lost their father, that father record will be associated directly to both brother members without duplication.

Yahrzeits show on the members private calendar, as do birthdays and anniversaries.

Gabbaim have reports that inform them of upcoming yahrzeits in order to remind them to give the member an honor or kibbud in shul on shabbos.

Reminder mailings, both email and print, can be generated and mass mailed to members offering them an additional reminder of the important date. We call these lifecycle events and help you help your members stay on top of important dates and events.

Member Portal

Synagogue Member Login

Each member of your congregation within the ShulCloud system can login securely to the membership database to see their personal information.

Members have access to update their profiles, family members, email subscriptions, yartzeits, birthdays and much more.

Members who do not have a login will be able to register online by filling out a registration form.  The site administrators will be notified of the new registration and then be able to approve or reject the individual from gaining access to the system.

Forget your password, no problem - use the forgot your password link.

Want us to import your membership database for you? No problem, contact us for more information on that.

ShulCloud makes it easy for your membership to login, see their information and pay their bills or access the calendar and other features within the site.

Mishloach Manot (Purim Basket) Management

Shalach Manot / Purim Basket Fundraiser Campaign Module Software

We know how important your fundraising activities are in your Synagogue. ShulCloud provides an easy to set up campaign management system that let's you configure your campaign based fundraisers and let your members easily participate.

Set up the rules for your campaign, such as a Purim Basket fundraising effort and email blast your members about it. Then let your members pick who they want the Purim Basket, Shavous flowers, etc to go to and collect money for each basket sent.

Not only is it a great way to keep track of your campaigns, you can easily raise money for the shul.

It is fully integrated with the member database and billing system. Members login, select who they want to send the gifts to, the price is calculated and billed to the member who can then pay online or pay later.

You can then download billing lists and gift lists to send out later.

For more information on this module, feel free to contact us.

Online Membership Directory

Secure & Interactive Synagogue Member Directory

Throw away those paper membership lists.  Now you can search, browse and find the information of the congregants in your Synagogue through a secure and easy to use online member directory.

Members can define what information they want to share with other members in the shul.  They can share things like their name, address, email, phone and more - they can even upload pictures.  

The search tool lets you search by name as well as browse by the whole syangogue. 

The best part, it is secure and only available for members within the shul.  Plus, members can define what is available to other members and what is not.

Never forget a face again.

School Module

Synagogue School Software

Many Synagogues run Sunday or daily Hebrew schools.  Managing the school within a synagogue is like a second full time job.  ShulCloud has tools to help you manage the billing, classes, students, parents and daily operations of the school.

ShulCloud has designed a school module specifically around how Synagogues operate their schools.  The school module is not designed for any school but rather schools run by Synagogues.

ShulCloud's School Module enables student enrollment, streamlined school billing for deposits and ongoing tuition fees, student to class placement, teach to class placement and much more.

The adhoc school reporting engine gives administrators easy access to critical financial and student data on the fly.

ShulCloud™ Gabbai

Gabbaim Software

Is the Shul's Gabbaim overworked? Want to make their job easier? Then check out ShulCloud's Gabbai Software.

Integrated with the member's database, it knows which yarzeits are coming up, who has birthdays, even who didn't get an alyiah in a while.  Gabbaim can print out reports before Shabbos to have with them on Shabbos.

Additionally, it tracks who received which kibbudim and even who davened Mussaf, this way you can validate if Chazan Yankel actually does daven every shabbos despite what some members think. 

Finally, the Gabbaim can enter in the pledges made for kibbudim, including "matanah" and either create invoices on the fly or send invoices into the treasure's queue for approval and submission.

Tax & Billing Statements

Synagogue Member Tax & Billing Statements

Financial & Executive Directors don't often look forward to sending out regular billing statements or end-of-year tax statements to their membership base.  But with ShulCloud, sending out both statements is quick and painless.

You can quickly send out three types of statements through ShulCloud.  
  1. Open balance statements, showing a member what they currently owe the synagogue as of a specific date.
  2. Date range statements, showing all the activity within a specific date range.
  3. Tax statements that show only tax deductible transactions on the statements.

The statements can be customized both in layout, style and form.  They can be emailed or physically mailed to the membership or anyone who has given money to the synagogue.

ShulCloud even handles partial tax deductible line items.

To learn more and see this in action, request a demo.

Transaction sync with Quickbook or Sage

QuickBooks/Sage Sync

Are you using QuickBooks Online or Desktop for your Shul's accounting? 

You can sync ShulCloud™ and Quickbooks together. 

This will allow you to batch and transfer transactions into QuickBooks with our "One Button Sync."

This will reduce double entry work and data entry errors.

This sync must be customized for each organization since each has its own classes, items, or budget structure.

Setup of this sync is included with any Onboarding Purchase, or can be purchased separately for $500.

Unlimited Support & Training

Synagogue Support & Help Services

ShulCloud offers various levels of support and help, all included within our pricing plans.

Our support options include both online and in-person options.

  • Online Chat Support: approximately Monday - Friday 8:30am to 6pm
  • Email Support Ticket System: 24/6 ;-)
  • Online Help Documentation & Video Instructions
  • Contextual Help Directly On The Page
  • On-Site Training & Services (at an additional cost)

Test us, try contacting one of our support representatives and see us in action.

Zmanim and Service Schedule

Synagogue Zmanim & Jewish Times Updated Dynamically

Wouldn't it be nice if you were able to display the local Jewish halachic times (zmanim) on your web site?  Wouldn't it be really nice if those times were based on your congregations location versus the city's centroid location?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could customize those zmanim based on the shul's customs?

ShulCloud can help!

The Zmanim widget is standard on all packages within ShulCloud.  The times are based on the exact longitude and latitude of your synagogue's location and not based on the city's center.  The times can be customized based on your shul's customs and variations.

The zmanim widget does all the calculations via complex algorithms that determine most of the popular Jewish halachic times.  They include Alos Hashachar (Dawn), Earliest Tallis, Netz (Sunrise), Latest Shema, Zman Tefillah, Chatzos (Midday), Mincha Gedola, Mincha Ketana, Plag HaMincha, Shkiah (Sunset), Tzais Hakochovim, etc.

In addition, most of the calendar available in the standard or premium packages are based off the zmanim.

Finally, Zmanim specific to your community and congregation!

Bulk Texting to Congregation




ShulCloud™ has built into ShulCloud Marketing (Mail) the ability to send SMS text messages to targeted membership and tagged lists. 
Your text messages can be created using the same user interface you are familiar with in ShulCloud™ Marketing (Mail).
These are some potential uses:
  • Inform RSVP'd attendees of a change of location
  • Text the minyan list to help make a minyan
  • Remind volunteers about timing or commitments
  • Send Outstanding Balance reminders with links to pay
  • Send "Happy Birthday" and other lifecycle messages
  • If you have the School Module, send individual class messages
  • $30/month for 2,000 messages
  • $360/year for 24,000 messages
  • $10 for each additional 650 messages past your limit
  • for bulk pricing, email sales@shulcloud.com

Mobile Administrator Application

ShulCloud Administrator iOS & Android App

Your job is hectic enough and you barely get a minute to sit by your desk and accomplish tasks, we know that.  So ShulCloud designed a native iOS and Android app that lets you perform many administrative synagogue tasks directly from your smartphone.

The ShulCloud administrator app lets synagogue staff and volunteers manage the most critical tasks for the shul directly on their smartphone.  Administrators can  look up member data, view and process transactions, send quick emails or push notifications, look up lifecycle events, manage CRM features and much more.

On the road and need to send an email to the whole synagogue? No problem with our app.  Need to take entrance fees at your event?  Not an issue.  You can swipe or scan credit cards or even add them manually to the app.  This app is your tool belt for managing your synagogue on the go.

Download ShulCloud Administrator iOS App Download ShulCloud Administrator Android App

Features Include:

  • Accounts: View account information, including members address, emails, phone numbers and more.  Add new family records, edit their data or remove incorrect information.
  • Transactions: Quickly create invoices for members.  Add new donations or payments to their accounts.  View open balances and send quick open statements. Charge their credit cards on file or swipe or scan to add a new credit card to their account.
  • CRM: Keep track of important member events and notes with the CRM functionality in the app. Set follow up reminders and more.
  • Email & Push: Email members directly from the app, while on the go. Or send your members push notifications directly to their ShulCloud app.
  • Lifecycle Events: Quickly look up members birthdays, anniversaries, yahrzeits and much more with this app.
  • TV: Quickly cast your TV slideshows from ShulCloud to your shul TV.
  • Release Notes: Be notified of new ShulCloud features and learn about those features in the app.

Exceptional Results

ShulCloud users experience:

  • Increased member collections
  • Decreased Treasurer duties
  • Increased collected receivables
  • Increased scheduling efficiency
  • Increased website traffic
exceptional results

Ready to Help Your Congregation Run Smoothly?

With features to streamline your operations with synagogue management software and outsourced bookkeeping, plus, a team excited to help you, getting started with Shulware has never been easier.