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Engaging Jewish Communities Around The World

Shulware is proud to have customers all over the world. Hard working congregations like yours are using ShulCloud™ to be better communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow synagogue staff and volunteers to focus on what matters most: the people in the community.

Our History

Empowering Connected Communities

Modern synagogues have outgrown the model of small, tight-knit communities with informal member knowledge. Congregations now cluster across geographies, generating data requiring systematic management. As paper filing graduated to digital databases, tailored software became critical.

ShulCloud has been providing synagogues with software services since 2012 and Kesef has been providing synagogues with bookkeeping services since 2009. With experienced staff (former synagogue employees), Shulware™ offers customized solutions to handle expansive member and program data.

As a result of customer feedback, ShulCloud and Kesef Accounting Service continuously improve services enabling the company to remain the leading synagogue management software and service provider.  Our offerings allow synagogue staff and lay leaders to focus on engaging their congregational community.