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Streamlined Jewish Community Management

Organizing and managing a Jewish Congregation can be complicated. To make things easier, Shulware offers a specialized, cloud-based management platform designed for synagogues. By simplifying key functions like membership management, billing, and event organization, you can focus more on your community.

What You Can Expect From Us


Membership Management

We help you engage with your members effectively and build your community efficiently and optimally.

Financial Management

We streamline financial processes for operational efficiencies for your congregation.

Content Management

We allow you to tailor your website to showcase your organization to your community.

Event Management

We enable easy scheduling, promotion, registration, and payments.

Bookkeeping Management

We offer the premiere synagogue bookkeeping service.

Educational Resources 

Unlimited training, unlimited customer support, and professional services. Our dedicated team will help you run a more effective synagogue. 

Who We Are

Shulware's suite of platforms, products, and services has everything you need for efficient synagogue management.


As a leader in cloud-based synagogue management, ShulCloud offers an accessible, robust, and easy-to-use integrated website/database system that caters to administrators, clergy, financial teams, staff, and members.
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Kesef Accounting Service

A comprehensive outsourced bookkeeping service that handles everything from accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) to payroll, bank reconciliations, member statements, and financial reports. 
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Congregation Connect

Powered by Salesforce, Congregation Connect provides larger synagogues with extensive automation, flexible reporting, and exceptional donor management and stewardship.
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Synagogues That Use Shulware

After 30 years of working with synagogues like yours, we think like our clients, have shared their experiences, and understand their needs. 


Ready to Help Your Congregation Run Smoothly?

Ready to get started? Whether you need synagogue management software or synagogue bookkeeping, Shulware has you covered.