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Premier Synagogue  Bookkeeping Services

Partial or Full-Service Bookkeeping Solutions

ShulCloud Only

Complete outsourced ShulCloudTM accounts receivable services, including contribution tracking, member statements, and financial reports. Kesef Accounting Services bookkeepers have unmatched expertise in maximizing ShulCloud's financial tools  Add our specialists to your staff or work exclusively with us.

Full Service Bookkeeping

Complete outsourced bookkeeping services, including all aspects of accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, bank reconciliations, member statements, and financial reports.

Synagogue Experience

Kesef Accounting Service has over a decade of experience maximizing ShulCloudTM, QuickBooks and synagogue financialsKesef Accounting Service staff understands the language and processes of Jewish congregations making it the ideal partner for your bookkeeping needs. 

Fully-Secured Service

Secure and reliable access is available for QuickBooks and your Accounts Payable portal when you need it.  Our team of qualified bookkeepers is also readily available during regular business hours to provide the answers you need.

Customizable Bookkeeping Solutions

We provide comprehensive bookkeeping solutions tailored to your congregation specific needs. You retain the level of direct control that suits you with major components like syncing and reconciliation, data conversion, bookkeeping, and reporting services. Our services are designed to be tailored to your organization's size and needs for today, and also tomorrow.

Professional Services

Kesef Accounting Service offers an array of professional services, from general ledger conversions to QuickBooks, to budget assistance, to audit and review supportAdd-ons like payroll and pension processing further enhance the available offerings.


Ready to Help Your Congregation Run Smoothly?

With features to streamline your operations with synagogue management software and outsourced bookeeping, plus, a team excited to help you, getting started with Shulware has never been easier.